Genuine Naturals is a small Veteran owned and operated company that is passionate about helping Dogs and Veterans live longer, healthier, happy lives.

We do this by giving dogs the best health we can by making high quality, all-natural supplements that dogs love to eat.

We donate a large portion of our profits to a non-profit organization called Wolfhounds’ Legacy that rescues dogs from shelters, provides medical care when needed, train the dogs to be service dogs, and then given to a Veteran in need.  

We love that our customers get to be part of this journey with us in helping Dogs and Veterans to live longer healthy happier lives.


Founder Cameron Ross Welcomes you to Genuine Naturals


"Helps A Lot!!"

This has made a huge difference in the quality of my 10 yo dogs life. He was having pretty debilitating mobility issues. I had tried acupuncture with only minimal and short term success. The glucosamine seems to have fixed it though and my dog is not only pain free, he is seriously running around like he did when he was 2. It's awesome to see him so much more comfortable. If I had it to do again, I would have given this to him a long time ago as I think he probably had some discomfort I wasn't able to detect until it got really bad. Important to dose properly as I was giving him too much and he was having trouble sleeping and was licking a lot. This is definitely a powerful supplement and I would highly recommend to anyone who has an older dog.

I have purchased this product twice and they have greatly helped with my dog's pain management while giving him extra strength and support. He needs surgery, but I have to save up 4,000 for the cost, so this product is a part of his daily regimen .

We have a 1 year old English bulldog and she had a minor injury to her knee. After her round of anti - inflammatory medicine we put her on these and she has not been limping at all since. We don't have to hide them in a treat, she loves the taste of them and they're easy to chew. Great for bulldogs!

Perfect! Just what I needed for my older dog. He is getting up there in age and has slowed down to the point where he is being unhealthy regarding mobility. We started giving him these and his disposition has improved. He is more active and plays with the other two dogs in the house who are a bit younger than he is. Its good to see his young spirit come back out and he's again, getting the exercise he needs. Great product, I highly recommend this for older dogs.

Our 7 year-old Lab mix is still very active, but was starting to limp up the stairs on particularly active days. Thinking it was a soft-tissue injury, we tried rest, cold-therapy, and anti-inflammatory medication. All seemed to help temporarily, but she'd be back to limping and crying first thing in the morning when getting up after a long day of activity. This went on for 3 months before we decided to give these a try thinking she may be having early joint issues. Within a month of taking these, she was back to her old self. No more limping up stairs, and eager to jump into the car and on the bed. She also loves these and will eagerly take them as a treat.