About Us

What we do:

We help dogs live a healthier happy life by creating natural supplements that taste like treats

When it comes to seeing our furry family members in pain, we understand how hard it is to watch them suffer. Like you, we care about our dog’s health and want to give our dogs the best health possible. We saw the need to provide a better way for dogs that are suffering with poor health to become healthy and happy again.

We know your dog is part of the family, and should be given only the best ingredients. Here at Genuine Naturals we use high quality all-natural ingredients made in America to ensure the best possible supplements to increase the health for your furry family member.

What else we do:

We help support Wolfhounds Legacy, a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs from kill shelters and provides them with proper health and training to become service dogs for Veterans suffering with PTSD. Each day our Nations Veterans are taking their own lives and suffering on the inside from PTSD. The VA only provides service dogs to veterans with physical disabilities. This is where Wolfhounds Legacy comes in and helps the Veteran suffering with PTSD.

The dogs trained at Wolfhounds Legacy become not just a certified service dog, but a friend and family member with a permanent home of a Veteran who needs them.  Genuine Naturals was founded by a US Navy Veteran that understands what it's like to serve and how much a service dog can impact the lives of a suffering Veteran.

By purchasing our products you not only help your dog live a better life, but you help save two other lives at the same time.

We Love Wolfhounds Legacy and their mission! If you would like to learn more or give a donation to save the lives of dogs and Veterans follow this link to their website, or find them on Facebook and Instagram.