About Us

  • We create natural health supplements for man's best friend helping dogs to live longer, healthier, happy lives. 
  • Our Founder is a US Navy Veteran who has a strong passion for helping and saving dogs along with fellow Veterans. We have partnered with Wolfhounds Legacy, a non profit organization that rescues dogs from kill shelters and then nurses them back to health and trained to become Service dogs for Veterans suffering with PTSD. These dogs would normally be put down, but because of generous sponsors and people like you who choose to purchase a Genuine Naturals product your saving two lives at once. We donate a portion of every sale to Wolfhounds Legacy enabling dogs to be saved, trained, and then have a permanent home with a Veteran who needs them. 
  • We created Genuine Naturals because we were tired of seeing health supplements made with harmful chemicals, preservatives, and fillers. We formulate our products using all natural ingredients to change just that.
  • We know your dog is part of the family, and should be given only the best ingredients. Here at Genuine Naturals we use high quality all natural ingredients only sourced in America to ensure the best possible health for your furry family member.