Wintertime Fun

I love snuggling with my humans indoors, but during winter when I’m not allowed to play outside, I begin to feel like I’m trapped in the Overlook Hotel going stir crazy.

I know my humans are keeping me indoors to protect me from getting sick out in the cold, but I need just as much exercise and stimulation in the winter as I do in the warmer seasons.

During the warmer months, I’m able to keep myself entertained by playing outside.  In the winter months, I need my humans to provide me with indoor fun.

Let’s play some games.

Playing indoors provides me with the exercise and mental stimulation I need to be healthy and happy.  A tired pup is a happy pup. Plus I just really love playing with my humans.

I looked up some fun games to show my humans.  I know my furry friends would love for you to play also.

  1. Find it with Cups

What you need:

3 of your fur baby’s favorite smelly treats  

4-8 plastic or paper cups

Place the treats under three different cups and line the cups up, mixing them up in the line.  Have your fur babysit and when you’re ready to invite him to find the treats under the cups!

He will sniff them out and let you know when he’s found one!

You can take out the empty cups he turns over throughout the game so he eliminates the cups as he goes...

  1. Turn off the Lights

What you need:

Your fur baby’s favorite smelly, sticky treat.

A lightswitch


Painter’s tape (to protect the walls)

You can use a blanket and painter’s tape to keep the walls free of scratch marks before you start.  You’re gonna teach your fur baby a new trick with this game! If they are tall enough to reach the light switch, this works great!

You can use mashed banana pieces to invite your fur baby to jump up and click the switch down.  

Use the words “lights” and point at the light switch and watch him get the banana and the light switch turns off.

Eventually, you’ll invite him up using your keyword without a treat.  Once he gets the light off, you’ll give him another treat.

  1. Leave It - Treats on Paws

What you need:

Your fur baby’s favorite treat

This is the brain and patience game!

You will use the “down” command, “stay” and then “leave it”.

It takes some practice and repeating until your fur baby realizes what you are doing.

Once you get the treats on their paws (work on this slowly) then you’ll ask your fur baby to “leave it,” pause for a bit and then let them have the treats!

  1. Hide & Seek

What you need:


Smelly treats

Hiding places in your house

We all know the game of hide & seek, and with your fur babies, it’s no different.  

Go hide and then call her name excitedly to see if they can find you.  Reward them with their favorite treat for finding you!

  1. Scavenger Hunt

What you need:

Your fur baby’s favorite toy

Or larger treats

Tennis balls are every fur pup’s favorite. Open a new pack of tennis balls and hide them around the house.  Keep the scent of the new tennis balls fresh on your hands so when you let your fur baby out to find the balls she can learn the smell of the tennis balls from your hands.  Then say, “go find it!”

I love playing games indoors with my human, it makes snuggling by the fire so much sweeter.