Treats over Tricks: Keeping Your Dog Safe this Halloween

Halloween is a festive time for children and their families. Whether celebrated by dressing up and collecting sugary snacks or spent in front of the TV watching classic scary movies, there’s always a sense of excitement in the air.

For pets, though, the candies, costumes, décor, and increased activity can prove to be dangerous. Don’t let your canine companion suffer a trick this Halloween—keep them safe by following these simple tips!

Stick to Dog Treats

Halloween is saturated with candy. From bowls by the door to, regrettably, stray wrappers and dropped candies littering the street, it’s impossible to escape the sweets. This makes protecting your pup a challenge.

Dogs cannot consume chocolate or xylitol, an artificial sweetener. It can make them extremely ill and even lead to death. As such, it’s important to remain vigilant and keep such treats out of your pup’s reach!

Candy isn’t the only Halloween food that could harm your dog, either. Pumpkin, when consumed in large quantities or when moldy, could cause serious health issues. So, keep those jack-o’-lanterns where they belong, not in your pup’s stomach!

Keep Them Secret, Keep Them Safe

Okay, you don’t actually have to hide your canine companions, but keeping them inside and away from the door is a good idea. As unfortunate as it is, the increased foot and vehicle traffic associated with Halloween can put your pup at risk of injury or death.

Beyond the potential physical dangers, the excitement of the night can spook pets (no pun intended), leading them to run away. Worse, the peculiar outfits may confuse and startle your dog, resulting in out-of-character aggression. The last thing you want is for your dog to accidentally injure an unsuspecting trick-or-treater.

(Not!) Doggy Décor

Jack-o’-lanterns lit with fire, battery-operated monsters, and spooky décor may be fun for humans, but they can be dangerous for dogs. Pups are typically curious creatures, ready to poke their noses into things they shouldn’t and ingest things that could hurt them. Halloween decorations are no exception!

Try lighting pumpkins with battery-operated lights and keep them out of reach. The same goes for other decorations—place them high on walls, shelves, or trees to keep your curious canine from getting burned or chewing something they shouldn’t!

Costume Chaos

Everyone knows that dogs in Halloween costumes are pretty much the cutest things on earth. However, not all pups enjoy playing dress-up. That’s why it’s important to have a little fashion show before the big night.

Try a few costumes and see how your dog reacts. Make sure that the costume is not restricting any of their sense, their movements, or their breathing. If you’re able to find a costume that is safe and that your dog doesn’t mind, you have a winner!

Always ID

No, we’re not talking about the party you may or may not be throwing (though you should ID at that, too)! Rather, we’re referring to your dog’s identification tags. Should something happen and your pup escape, having tags could be the difference between them getting home safely or not. Of course, microchips are the best option, but you still need to make sure the information stored in them is up-to-date!