Protect Your Pup’s Paws This Winter

Protect Your Pup’s Paws This Winter


Many of us view our dogs as indestructible. They run into things, take tremendous tumbles, and otherwise throw their bodies into harm’s way and emerge somehow unaffected. It’s easy to become overconfident in your pup’s durability as they plow headfirst through life.

Beneath that energetic exterior, though, your furry friend could be at risk of or already dealing with discomfort, especially when winter rolls around. While their noggins may be tough and their winter coat may be thick, their paws do not have the same protection from the rough and tumble nature of the winter world.

As such, it can be exceptionally important to help protect those paws when it’s cold out. From reducing current discomfort to limiting the possibility of future problems, being preemptive in providing your pup with paw protection can go a long way toward promoting their happiness and wellbeing.

Whether you’re new to the paw protection game or looking for better options that you’ve used in the past, you’ve come to the right place. Check out a few of our favorite paw protectants below!

No Purchase Necessary

Before we jump into products that could help your pup’s paws stay perfectly pleasant this winter, let’s take a look at some free pointers that can also keep them happy and healthy.

Brevity is Best

Always be aware of the temperature before taking your dog outside. It is, of course, necessary for your dog to brave the cold sometimes for bathroom breaks and exercise. However, it is best to keep these ventures outdoors brief when the cold is extreme.

Frostbite and other dangerous effects can strike quickly when the temperature dips down into extreme cold. If it’s too cold for you to be outdoors for more than a few minutes, it is certainly too cold for your canine companion. So, keep walks short and consider putting your pup in a jacket. If your dog needs more exercise or potty breaks than most, consider multiple short ventures throughout the day instead of a few prolonged ones.

Pat Down Their Paws

While the cold itself can be damaging, the associated residues can be equally as dangerous. That’s why recommend toweling down your pup’s paws immediately following an outdoor excursion. Whether it’s ice, salt, or some other mystery substance, removing alien material from their feet can prevent damage and discomfort.

You can even incorporate some soothing rinsing into the process by dipping your dog’s paws into some room temperature water before gently drying them with a soft towel.

Worth the Investment

While taking precautions on your own is necessary and can go a long way toward preventing damage to your dog’s paws, investing in some paw-protecting products is also a great idea.

Function and Style

Aside from the viral videos of dogs attempting to walk in their new shoes (which are hilarious, we must admit), booties are a fantastic bit of doggy gear for the winter season. They provide warmth and protection from the elements, making them a valuable resource for both comfort and safety.

Just be sure to select the right size so that your pup can use them year-after-year (assuming, of course, that they don’t grow significantly between winters). Simply measure their paws from the back of their heel to the tips of their toenails to determine the perfect fit for your pup!

A Balm for Their Palms

The cold weather and salt used to make the sidewalks and roadways usable can dry out and damage your pup’s paw pads. To prevent this, we recommend applying paw palm before taking them on a walk that involves ice or snow, and when you return home. As a matter of fact, keeping it in your coat pocket is a wonderful way to remind yourself to apply the balm before and after a walk.

There are loads of options on the market today, so do a bit of research and select the one that you deem best for your pup. You can even make your own if you’re ambitious—just be sure to follow a proven recipe should you choose to take the DIY route!