Keep Your Canine Cozy This Winter

Keep Your Canine Cozy This Winter

When the winter lingers, there’s nothing better than curling in a cozy blanket, perhaps with a fire in the background, as you sip hot cocoa and enjoy your favorite book or show. There’s just something so comforting and homey about finding a warm, soothing way to relax in the colder months.

As it turns out, your dog could use a little reprieve this winter, too. While tremendous emphasis is placed on keeping dogs happy and safe when venturing outdoors in the cold, the winter season doesn’t just disappear when you step indoors, and neither should your pup’s comfort.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to keeping your canine cozy this winter. Because if we take solace in a warm place to rest and relax, our dogs can, too!

Invest in Quality Bedding

Remember those blankets we mentioned and how wonderful it is to wrap yourself up in them on a cold day? Well, the same applies to your pup!

Most dogs love having their own special place to hang out and sleep. In many cases, this special spot is a bed they’re grown to adore. When it comes to staying cozy in the winter, providing them with the right kind of bed and bedding is key to their comfort and wellbeing.

When investing in a winter-worthy bed, look for something that meets at least two criteria—raised edges and off-the-floor elevation. The first of these—the raised edges—helps your dog avoid cold drafts when they’re nuzzled down into their bed. The second criterium—elevation off the floor—ensures that the cold from the ground will not penetrate their sleeping area.

The perfect bed is not complete without blankets and cushions, so don’t forget these important additions! Choose dog-friendly materials that will stand up to the rigors of a dog’s lifestyle, then watch as they gleefully create a cozy nest.

Be Strategic with Heat Sources

We all know that close to a fireplace (or space heater or whatever generates heat in your home) is the best place to curl up and get cozy. Guess what—your dog knows it, too!

The problem is, your pup doesn’t have the same comprehension of the dangers such heat sources can be. To protect your canine companion from the possibility of harm and teach them some boundaries regarding heat sources, consider using some kind of barrier—perhaps a child gate—to distance them from it.

Once you’re sure no harm can befall your beloved dog, place their bed where you believe to be best. If they move it toward the heat source, correct them by moving it back. With repetition, they will catch on and likely leave their bed where you placed it.

Play Dress Up

When it’s cold, there’s a good chance your dog will need a coat. Yes, we know—all dogs have coats! However, we’re talking about a coat in addition to their beautiful God-given coat. You know, like a jacket!

While used primarily for outdoor adventures when the temperature has dropped, winter coats can be used indoors as well, especially for short-haired dogs and those that are sensitive to the cold. The good news is that shopping for a coat for your dog is incredibly simple.

Shop as if you are shopping for yourself. Yep, it’s that easy! Choose something that is water and windproof and that has good insulation. The coast should also fit correctly, allowing your pup to retain all of their natural mobility and live their life without discomfort.


There you have it—three fantastic ways to ensure that your dog is just as comfy and cozy as you are this winter. Remember, it’s not just when they’re outside that they may need comfort and warmth; their inside living conditions should provide those things as well!

Thanks for reading! We hope you and your pup have a splendid winter season!