How to Help Fight Arthritus in Dogs

What words best describe your dog? Our furry friends are well-known for their quirky personalities. Most dogs are full of energy and love to run and play. A few words that come to mind to describe yours might be spunky, silly, playful, or loving. 

Because dogs love to move, it’s important to be aware of their joint health. Especially as they age, many dogs develop arthritis. It’s hard to watch our pet long to run and frolic when they feel too sore and stiff to do much of anything.

Here are a few ways to help prevent arthritis from developing in your fur baby. 

  1. Watch their diet

We are what we eat. Just as we should be aware of what we put into our own bodies, be conscience of what and how much you are feeding your dog. Overweight dogs are at a much higher risk for arthritis, so you’ll need to do your research to find out how much your dog needs. Facts such as breed, size and age will change how much your dog needs to consume. 

Just because that adorable puppy is giving you those big eyes doesn’t mean he or she needs to eat what you are eating. Don’t give in and feed your friend too many treats. All things come in moderation.

Also, remember that higher quality foods will allow your pet to get the nutrients it needs to stay healthy longer. Supplements are an excellent option. At Genuine Naturals we offer supplements for hip and joint health.

  1. Give them the right amount of exercise

Yes, it’s important to exercise your puppers. However, it’s even more vital to know HOW to exercise them. Think about it, you might injure yourself if you didn’t know how to properly care for your body during a workout. Here’s a few key points to remember;

  • Consistency is key - if your dog sits around all week and then you take him out for a long workout on the weekend, his body may not be ready for it. Daily activity will keep your dog’s joints and muscles ready for action.
  • Include time to rest - Dogs CAN be overworked. Just because she keeps asking for you to throw the ball, doesn't mean she isn’t worn out. Watch for signs that she is getting tired and take a break. Exercise is important, but so is rest.
  • Mix it up - Be sure and throw in some exercises that are less intense than running. Swimming is a great example of a low-impact exercise for your fur baby.
  1. Keep their nails clipped

This may not seem as obvious as the other two points, but it is equally as important. If your dogs nails get too long, it may change where it distributes the weight in its paws. This can cause it to put strain on different joints and muscles in order to compensate for the longer nails. This can be compared to wearing shoes that have been worn down too much on one side. They will cause you to walk slightly crooked, which could put strain on your knees. 

Be sure and do your research and consult your vet in order to make decisions that are best for you and your fur baby. We know that you and your doggo are best friends, so be sure and treat him or her with the love and respect deserved! Sometimes arthritis naturally occurs with age, but with proper care, you can keep your friend living healthy and happy for as long as possible!