5 Ways to Care for your Dog

Dogs and humans go way back. Our best friendship began with a partnership.

Originally, dogs were indigenous, just like any other wild animal. Humans and dogs partnered up to accomplish specific jobs - such as herding and hunting. In return, humans cared for the dogs.

Since then, many things have changed. Dogs, more often, are used as pets rather than for a specific job. Still, they have their roots in wild. It’s very important to know this in order to properly care for our furry friends. Just because dogs live domestic lives, doesn’t mean that all of their needs are gone. Here are 5 ways to help meet your puppy’s needs, based on history.

  1. Nutrition

In the wild, dogs ate much differently than they do in the home. They lived off of meat, which is dense in nutritions. Store-bought kibble may not provide them with all of the nutrients their ancestors were getting form hunting. This is why it’s so important to give your dog supplements and other foods that are dense in nutrients. A few other food items you could give your dog include raw milk, raw eggs, raw bee pollen, and raw whole (small) fish.

  1. Body

Dogs really aren’t meant to be kept enclosed in a small space all the time. Going on walks around the neighborhood is a great way to keep your puppers moving and active. Even better than walks is taking them out on hikes. Being in nature is good for everyone - including you. Our ancestors also lived among nature, so taking some time there helps us to connect with the past. This also applies to dogs.

  1. Brain

Especially as we age, it’s so important to keep our minds active. That’s why you see older folks doing crossword puzzles. Dogs also need mental stimulation to keep their minds going. There are many games you can teach your dog to keep them thinking. Teaching them tricks is also helpful. There are also puzzles out there for dogs!

  1. Heart

Everyone needs a little TLC. Dogs included. A few ways to show love to a dog in a way they will understand are as follows; ear rubs, giving them treats by hand, talking to them, and learning what your dog is trying to tell you.

  1. Spirit

It’s so important to give your dog a purpose for living. As dogs have transitioned into becoming house pets, something that they often lack is a purpose. Dogs who herd sheep or hunt, after all, know exactly what their job is and this helps them to feel fulfilled. Try giving your dog a job; this will help fill its spirit with pride and direction. This job can be as simple as comforting you on bad days, playing with the kids, or watching over the house while you are away. You’d be surprised how well they will understand the task at hand.

Times are changing. The world is moving at an incredible rate. Don’t forget to take a breath and remember that both you and your fur baby have needs that go way back. Just because things are different doesn’t mean that our basic nature is.

Dogs are man’s best friend, so let’s be sure and fulfill our part of the friendship and take extra steps to care for our best partners.