10 Life Lessons From Dogs

Are you looking for inspiration today? You only have to look as far as your fur baby! Dogs sure bring a lot of wisdom with them.
There is so much we can learn from them. They bring something truly magical with them wherever they go - without even really trying.
Let’s take a moment and think about 10 life lessons dogs teach us.

1. Forgive quickly
Even if your pup was hurt by something you did, he or she wouldn't it be upset for very long; if at all. Dogs are too invested in your relationship to let mistakes hurt them. Holding a grudge would take away from play time after all.

2. Live in the moment
Dogs are happy because they live 100% in the moment. When you play with your puppy, he is completely focused on you. He isn’t worried about work or school or his phone. His happiness is found in the fact that you are with him. Do you want to be happier? Try living in the moment, just like a dog!

3. Love unconditionally
No matter your past, your mistakes, or your baggage, your dog sees your heart. She loves you for the person you are. Your dog accepts you. People (and dogs) deserve to be loved. No matter what they have done, people deserve to be loved. Dogs understand this.

4. Play
When was the last time you allowed yourself to be carefree and just PLAY? Life doesn’t have to be gray. Dogs love life and take the time to enjoy it.

5. Be curious
They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but have you ever met an old dog? Old dogs are still curious and they learn every day. Never stop being curious. There is so much to learn and this life is short.

6. Treat others with love
No matter who you bring into your home, your dog is eager to meet them and become friends. They do not worry about what new people think of them. They only care about loving each new friend life sends their way.

7. Find joy in the simple things
Socks. Socks make dogs happy. Dirt. Leaves. Shoelaces. A pat on the head. You name it. It probably makes your pup happy. Imagine how much joy could be introduced into your life if you allowed yourself to smile at the simple pleasures. You can start with your dog. He is full of sunshine and can bring a simple joy to you.

8. See the best in others
The truth is, everyone is broken. Everyone has made mistakes. On the flip side, everyone has strengths and something beautiful about them. Dogs only see the good in others. They encourage us to do u=our very best every day.

9. Love everyone equally
Dogs love each person no matter the skin color, age, gender, race, etc. What matters to a dog is the connection she is able to make with others. We are all the same, deep down, and dogs understand that.  

10. Give every day 100%
There is only today, so make the most of it. A dog would never put something off for tomorrow. A promise to go on a walk tomorrow means nothing to a dog, because, to them, there is only today. We can learn from this and remember that today deserves our best effort.

Wow! There are so many life lessons we can learn from dogs! Maybe they are heaven sent to be examples to us after all. Take a moment to thank your fur baby for being such a great example to you!